this assignment must be in your own words. no references. but if you use direct

this assignment must be in your own words. no references. but if you use direct quotes they can not be used in the word count.
You will be provided with five essay questions. You are required to respond to each question and each response will be worth 20 points. Your original response to each essay question is to be between 500 words – excluding direct quotes.
here are the questions:
1. Describe the different ways paternity may be established in Louisiana. What are the deadlines?
2. James, a New Jersey resident, is sued by Jonah, an Iowa resident. After a trial in which James appears and vigorously defends himself, the Iowa state court awards Jonah $136,750 dollars in damages for his tort claim. In trying to collect from James in New Jersey, Jonah must have the New Jersey court certify the Iowa judgment. Why, ordinarily, must the New Jersey court do so?
3. Explain the plea bargaining concept from the perspective of a) prosecutor and b) defense attorney.
4. Who can introduce legislation? What are the various stages at which bills face votes as they move through Congress?
5. In order to police the profession, the state legislature has just passed a law permitting the State Plumbers’ Association the power to hold hearings to determine whether a particular plumber has violated the plumbing code of ethics, written by the association. Sam, a plumber, objects to the convening of a hearing when he is accused by Roger, a fellow plumber, of acting unethically by soliciting business from Roger’s customers. Sam goes to court, seeking to enjoin the association’s disciplinary committee from holding the hearing. How would you argue Sam’s case? The association’s case?
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Discipline: judical process

This purpose of this assignment is for you to understand the real world issues a

This purpose of this assignment is for you to understand the real world issues around witness testimony. Most evidence is often admitted by witnesses. Therefore, in order to prosecute, we need witnesses to testify. For professional witnesses, this isn’t an issue. However, if you think about someone as simple as the neighbor down the street who witnesses a crime and has to live next to this person, most people are wary of testifying. There are others where their lives are at risk to do so. That is the focus of this assignment.
The Crawford and Davis cases limit admitting evidence that otherwise would have been admitted prior to those cases. As a result, it has become more problematic to admit testimony from witnesses who are either not available to testify or are afraid to do so.
There are several topics that you can choose to focus on, but you will need to bring all assigned materials into your post and relate it to your chosen topic:.
Domestic Violence/Child Abuse
Sexual Assault
Gang Related Violence
Organized Crime
Confidential Informants in drug investigations and witnesses used to prosecute drug trafficking
Human Trafficking To get you thinking about the complexity and real world consequences of this issue, these are some issues to think about:
Consider the impact of mandatory or pro-arrest policies for domestic violence;
Consider the concerns that making domestic violence victims testify and cooperate is taking away their right to choose and may even be more dangerous to the victim (the Lisa Bianca case (provided in the link below) for an example);
Consider the realistic limitations on the police/state’s ability to protect victims/witnesses both during the case and after the case is over;
Consider the impacts on families and children in domestic violence cases.
In all cases that happen where a witness lives (gang related, gun related, domestic violence, sexual assault, drug trafficking) what impact does poverty and lack of resources have – an inability to move for safety is often not an option.
In short, what decisions should the police/prosecutors make for victims who have to figure out how to live their life when the police aren’t there? The overwhelming number of these who go to jail are released at some point. It is a serious question that prosecutors and law enforcement face daily.
As you think about this, think about the Lisa Bianca story (which is covered in the first link under the Domestic Violence heading below).
Lisa called the police many times before she cooperated. She frustrated police and prosecutors for years before he hurt her badly enough and they took her statement by video. I’ve seen the video of her testimony and it is horrendous.
She cooperated – finally. And then, the system was unable to protect her. Clearly the notification laws were inadequate. Yet, even if they had notified her, would she have been alive with her ex-husband clearly obsessed with finding her?
As stated above, it is about many different types of fearful victims and witnesses.
Your post must be in the following format and you need to choose one issue/fact scenario where reluctant witnesses are often an issue (see the list above and if you think of another, you can also do that).
Explain the issue and find one article to support the danger to a reluctant witness of this kind.
Provide a detailed summary of all the assigned materials on your Syllabus and provided at the bottom of this assignment as it relates to the research that you will describe in the next paragraph. Briefly cite to each item assigned. Explain what you have learned from these materials.
Find an article and/or a case where law enforcement faced the issue of a reluctant witness. Explain the case in detail and the outcome to the victim as far as you know.
How does your article and facts fit into the concerns about the types of reluctant witnesses that you described in your first paragraph? Tie your case/article to what you described in paragraph 1.
In reviewing the article assigned about addressing witness intimidation (see here- https://popcenter.asu.edu/content/witness-intimidation-0 (Links to an external site.)), could any of these suggestions have helped the situation or class of witness in your research?
One post is required with all the following materials to be cited in your post (all of these are also on your Syllabus :
Strategies to Address Witness Intimidation
https://popcenter.asu.edu/content/witness-intimidation-0 (Links to an external site.)
Prosecuting Domestic Violence
http://www.nytimes.com/1989/03/12/us/inmate-on-leave-held-in-death-of-his-ex-wife.html (Links to an external site.) see pdf here Inmate_on_Leave_Held_in_Death_.pdf Download Inmate_on_Leave_Held_in_Death_.pdf
https://wcfcourier.com/news/local/cases-often-die-if-floyd-county-domestic-violence-victims-recant/article_bd566d80-2c55-11df-985c-001cc4c03286.html (Links to an external site.) see pdf here Cases_often_die_if_Floyd_County_domestic_violence__Waterloo-Cedar_Falls_Courier_IA___March_10_2010.pdf Download Cases_often_die_if_Floyd_County_domestic_violence__Waterloo-Cedar_Falls_Courier_IA___March_10_2010.pdf
htp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v2LmM_FO-U (Links to an external site.)
(Mandatory Arrest Policies – 10-minute video
Rights of victims/defendants in high profile/gang cases/sexual assault/human trafficking
https://www.dailynews.com/2008/03/11/witnesses-fear-retribution-from-gang-members/ (Links to an external site.) see pdf here Witnesses_fear_retribution_from_gang_members__Pasadena_Star-News_CA___March_11_2008.pdf Download Witnesses_fear_retribution_from_gang_members__Pasadena_Star-News_CA___March_11_2008.pdf
https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/rape-victims-survivors-face-jail-if-dont-testify-court-louisiana-attorney-leon-cannizzaro-a7694061.html (Links to an external site.)
Human trafficking victim shares story | ICE (Links to an external site.) (article with video excerpts of victim)

Effective Monitoring of Treatment – Due: November 27 Discussion Topic Deciding t

Effective Monitoring of Treatment – Due: November 27
Discussion Topic
Deciding to monitor treatment and then committing to that decision are the first hurdles that must be passed in the development and implementation of any type of monitoring process or program. This can be a difficult endeavor. Once passed, the clinician must make another difficult decision, that is, which variable(s) to monitor.
It is no simple matter to determine exactly what should be measured and monitored. In the end, the most important variables to monitor are those that are tied to the patient’s goals and objectives.
For this discussion, refer to Ch. 6 in your e-book. Watch the application video and using a minimum of 200 words post your response to the following. Reply to at least two of your classmates’ post no later than Wednesday, November 24, by 9:00pm.. (YOUR MUST POST FIRST TO VIEW OTHER POSTS.)

Read Chapter 6 in your textbook and then analyze the following situation by answ

Read Chapter 6 in your textbook and then analyze the following situation by answering the questions that follow the situation. Remember to use logic/critical thinking and not emotion.
A person has planted a bomb in downtown Atlanta, and it will detonate in forty-eight hours unless FBI agents are able to find it. You are an FBI agent, and you and your partner locate a possible suspect. You and your partner take the person to an undisclosed location. You follow procedures but are not able to get the information you need. Five hours have elapsed. You and your partner discuss the idea of using torture to extract information from this suspected bomber.
Post 1: Answer the following questions. Your initial post will be 150 words of text.
1. What facts would you need to gather in this case in order for you to believe that this person is the bomber? If you had all these facts, would you use torture to extract the information from this suspect knowing it is illegal? Explain why you would or would not torture this subject.
2. Find an article discussing torture. Summarize the article’s argument for or against torture. Analyze the argument and use facts to state whether you agree or disagree with the article.
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Discipline: Critical Thinking

Substance Treatment for LGBTQ Population Discussion Topic Discuss how homophobia

Substance Treatment for LGBTQ Population
Discussion Topic
Discuss how homophobia affects the treatment of gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual individuals.
Discussion Question Instructions
You must respond to the initial post by Tuesday of each week with a minimum of 200 words and respond to two additional classmates with a minimum word count of 125 words for each post. Your initial response and all additional responses must be referenced with a peer reviewed APA style article to substantiate your position.

In a seamless posting, please incorporate the following into your initial postin

In a seamless posting, please incorporate the following into your initial posting:
Discuss the differences between the three major approaches surrounding collection and analysis of data, i,e., quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. As well as, describe the design of scientific inquiry that may go with each method i.e., survey, narrative, phenomenological, ethnographic, grounded theory, or case study and why it would be selected. Then address which method and design you think you would prefer to use to conduct research and why.

Students will develop a prevention or diversion program and submit a grant propo

Students will develop a prevention or diversion program and submit a grant proposal based off of their program. Students will need to conduct research on programs that are already being utilized, either in Florida or somewhere in the country to determine what is working and what is not working. Students may use this information as reference, NOT copy it for their own program. (The formatting for this proposal will be included as a reference for students in this module and should be utilized, removing suggestions).
Projects will include an Annotated Bibliography that will include a minimum of five (5) articles. The articles will come from the grant proposal portion of the project. (A sample annotated bibliography will be included as a reference for students in this module).
Assignment should include a cover page.