In this assignment, students will identify a minimum of four trends that will co

In this assignment, students will identify a minimum of four trends that will come into focus within the next five years that are relevant to the topic chosen in the Stakeholder Analysis assignment.(The topic I chosen is Electric/hybrid car)
Identifying trends, you can use PEST (political, economic, social, and technological factors) or DEFB (drivers, enablers, frictions, and blockers). With PEST, you can discuss the political factors that are driving a specific trend. For example, the government had provided a tax break for individuals driving a hybrid or electric cars. Therefore, we can forecast an increase in consumer demand for hybrid or electric cars.
Each trend analysis should include:
Current examples of the trend: events, inventions, modifications, applications, etc.
Current claims about the trend: statistics, quotes, papers and research, etc.
List of counter-trends (if applicable), with references
Implications for related industries
Trend name
Category description
The present-day evidence or reasoning behind your selection of the trend, such as:
Your source for the trends, with references
Save as: HUMN450_TrendAnalysis_yourlastname_yourfirstname.pdf

The topic of this essay is effective communication design or basically graphic d

The topic of this essay is effective communication design or basically graphic design within the built environment (buildings, architecture, interior design). I would like the essay to talk about how graphic design is used in architecture and interior design to shape human experience. The built environment that we experience every day relies upon graphic design to communicate information, to shape our overall perception and memory of a sense of place.
This paper should be about the relationship between graphic design and interior design/architecture. I have included a very basic annotated bibliography that has sources you can use, it would be great if you use at least 3 of those so you have a better understanding of the topic.
The paper needs to have a research question, I wrote this one but it might be a bit to broad, you can write a more specific one if this is helpful: How does effective communication design during the 21st century influence human experience within the built environment? What are good examples of the best environmental graphic design today?
Here are some examples of comm in the built environment: Pictograms and Symbols, Vehicular Sign Systems, Visual Guidance and Wayfinding Systems, Building Façades and Storefronts.
For this paper it is really importante to have visual examples, so it would be good to include images that justify what is writen. I purchased a really good book that will work great for this paper please check it out (it has great visual examples). It is a digital version so please log in using these credentials:
Username: [email protected]
Password: paper1234
Then go to the digital library and there you will have the book called Archigraphia (this is will give you a clear understanding of what the paper is about)
I have other sources that I found useful, most of these sources can be found online, here are some links just in case:
The instructor suggested to breakout the paper like this: (only use if it’s useful)
15 page paper:
2 pages of introduction
12 pages of text (4 pages, 4 pages, 4 pages)
1 page of conclusions

1. Write your paper. Start by relating your object of design to one of the ten p

1. Write your paper. Start by relating your object of design to one of the ten points of social responsibility discussed in the “Introduction of The Utrecht Manifesto,” focusing on the period when the object of design was first designed and produced. For example, if you are writing about the early sewing machine, think about the late nineteenth century. Discuss this question: Did this object fit into, or manifest, one of those ten points of social responsibility during the time period when it was first designed and used? Second,
discuss this question: What difference have aspects of science and technology made in that object?
Conclude with a discussion of design, science, technology, and society, using your example as a case study
to think about the role of design at the intersection of science, technology, and society. Does design make a
difference? If so, how does it do it? Can it do something different, or more?
Make sure to address the following questions in your paper:
 What object of design are you analyzing, and what cultural and historical context is it
associated with?
 What is socially responsible design, according to the “Introduction of The Utrecht
 How has science and/or technology contributed to this designed object?
 What difference does science and technology make (or has made) in this object, and in the
 Did any of the points about socially responsible design apply to this object when it was first
designed and made?
 Finally, in your informed opinion, are the goals of socially responsible design compatible
with continued scientific and technological advancement as they are associated with this
designed object
Format of the final paper:
Including your name, class, date, and the title of your paper.
Brief introduction of the context and precise description of the object of your choice and why is interesting in the context of design
Part 2 – Utrecth Manifesto
What point of the socially responsible design (Utrecth Manifesto) you connect to your object and how you support your argument. Develop at least three aspects
Part 3 – Science and Technology
Aspects of Science and Technology (present what aspects of science and/or technology you want to discuss and support and explain how these aspects are important to the object of your choice and its design.
Part 4: Conclusion
Part 5: Bibliography
Make sure to format your citations using the Chicago Manual of Style or MLA, footnote style for both the citations in the text and bibliography (more directions will be provided in class)

This assignment is based on the Sunday July 4th assignment Due Tuesday July 6th

This assignment is based on the Sunday July 4th assignment
Due Tuesday July 6th
Post Discussion: Hypothesis Testing
Share any tips you have to help you better understand (and remember) the three types of hypotheses: null, nondirectional, and directional. Also, write three sample hypothesis statements (null, nondirectional, and directional) for your chosen research study!
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. You can cite the cheat sheet!
Bhattacherjee, A. (2012). Social science research: Principles, methods, and practices. Global Text Project.
Chapter 2: Thinking Like a Researcher
Chapter 3: The Research Process
Boche, B. (2020). Cheat sheet topic: Hypotheses [PDF]. Department of Education, Concordia University – Nebraska.
Adams, A., & da Silva, S. (2019). Ancillary materials for psychology research methods and data analysis I – Scientific method – Reviewing the literature [PPT]. Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Ancillary Materials, 16. https://oer.galileo.usg.edu/psychology-ancillary/16

Master of Fine Art Major: Graphic Design with a focus on user interface and user

Master of Fine Art Major: Graphic Design with a focus on user interface and user experienceIn general, the thesis is linked with an individual project. My individual project is titled with ‘redesign the outdoors’, mainly indicates designing an app that helps outdoor fans prepare outdoor equipment for a specific trips to region with extreme weather. With that being said, I need to prepare a 50 page thesis to tell my personal experience with outdoor, like why i choose this topic and what is my connection between it, the content should be artistic instead of logistic. And also the thesis should include why having an outdoor theme app is helpful for outdoor fans, for example, people die in trips to extremely cold region, if they make full prepartion before the trip, they will be safe home. So for the content I’m look for:
1. Personal linkage with outdoors. must have: my dad runs an outdoor equipment factory, i use to sleep in the sample tent in the factory, when i grow older i go on outdoor trips with classmates, when i get to college i host outdoor clubs, etc.
2. The app, why is it necessary and why is it helpful, also spend time research on interface design, need to use large paragraphs to describe outdoor fans PERSONA and TRAVEL Roadmap, what kind of interface satisfies them the best.
The docs(5000words one) I upload is something that is a FAILED expamle of essay that I assigned to a friend. The most important thing of the essay is to stick with DESIGN and ART, i don’t want data or numbers in the essay.
The video I upload is a project that has connection with the thesis, you could see it as an inspiration of the writing content.
The other material I upload like thesis outline and thesis proposal, that are the things you can take a look but they all dated. The newest directoin will be exactly the content shown in the video. Reason I’m showing you these docs to you is to let you have a sense about what my major is and how my ideas shift around the theme”Design the outdoors”
Please stick the content style with my major, which is a combination of creativity, arts, graphics, story-telling, user experience instead of data and revenue and logics.