Download the file:Sakila Download Lesson 2 Hands-On19 pointsDirectionsFor your L

Download the file:Sakila Download
Lesson 2 Hands-On19 pointsDirectionsFor your Lesson 2 Hands-On, you will be working with your new knowledge on SQL queries. This Hands-On will be graded, so be sure you complete all requirements. Please read through the below setup instructions before starting your project.SetupThis Hands-On is structured into two parts, and each part may ask you to run multiple queries. After each query, please take a screenshot of the MySQL Workbench output and add it to a Word document (or an equivalent) and name this file SQL-HandsOn2. This way, you will be able to submit your answers to each part all at once.You will utilize the sakila database that you have been using for this course within MySQL Workbench.Now you are ready to get started! Good luck!Part 1Each of the below queries will include at least one Join. Read carefully and be sure to think about which columns you can use to Join the necessary tables.Run the following queries:Write a query to find the first and last name, customer ID and rental ID for customers who have rented a film.Write a query that finds all films with actors that have an actor_id 5.Write a query that lists out all information of every film along with the name of the language for each film, even if a language doesn’t exist for that film.Write a query that lists out the title of films and the name of the actors who starred in those films. Additionally, only list films that starred artists whose first names start with a vowel.Part 2Below is a real-life scenario. Please read this scenario and run the appropriate queries needed.You have just been hired as a Data Analyst for a company that rents films to customers. They would like an inventory list of films that were rented for more than $4.99.Tip!Pay close attention to the column names and give them unique names if a column name is
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