Final Paper Overview For your final assignment, pretend you are a Sustainability

Final Paper
For your final assignment, pretend you are a Sustainability Consultant who specializes in sustainability assessment. Your task is to create a recommendation for how your “client” should plan and measure critical sustainability goals. Basically, you are preparing a recommendation for how your client should effectively conduct a sustainability assessment. First, you are to identify sustainability issue(s) at an organization (such as Oregon State University, your employer if you are working, a business you may frequent or are familiar with, or the city in which you live), then set sustainability goals and indicators to measure these goals.
Once you have identified sustainability issue(s) of a specific organization, provide a description of this sustainability problem. Provide references that support this problem exists and how it contributes to unsustainability. Then develop a sustainability assessment “tool,” which in this case is to be a set of 5 sustainability goals, each with at least one corresponding sustainability indicator that this organization could use to assess their sustainability performance. 
You will  develop a set of at least five (5) goals each with a corresponding indicator. Sustainability goals are infinite, but some common ones are: zero waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25%, and create a more diverse employee pool. Be sure to consider the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainability in your goals and indicators. Your indicators should have measurable values and reflect the triple bottom line, or three pillars of sustainability. 
Describe why each of your sustainability goals and indicators are effective by referring to the relevant course materials shared throughout this term.
Finally, provide a rationale to convince the organization why conducting this assessment is important, again including support from our course materials.
Part 1: Describe sustainability problems relevant to your selected organization.
Provide an evidenced-based description of the problem, using at least two academic resources from your own research. Consider starting with the Sustainable Development Goals (Targets and Indicators listed here (https://sdgs.un.org/goals)) to identify the problem globally.
(~300 words, 25 points)
Part 2: Determine 5 goals each with indicators to effectively measure each goal.
Determine 5 goals for your organization based on what you know is not sustainable based on their current ways of doing business.
For each goal, identify sustainability indicators that reflect environmental, social, and economic factors related to the problem you selected. For each indicator describe:
1) what is being measured (example from the Aurora Organic Dairy 2019 Sustainability Report: KG of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions per KG of milk, excluding water weight)
2) the benchmark you will compare results to, and
3) a 100-word rationale explaining why it is an effective indicator. Use evidence from at least 3 sources from our course materials to compile your 5 explanations. (I recommend reviewing AtKisson, Meadows, Gibson, and the Week 2 lecture for evidence about what makes an effective indicator.)
(~700 words, 50 points) 
Part 3: Compose a persuasive explanation to convince the organization why conducting a sustainability assessment is important.
Refer back to the original sustainability problem you identified and use evidence from at least 3 sources in our course materials to support your argument about why sustainability assessments are important.
(~500 words, 50 points) 
Formatting Requirements (25 points)
12-point font, 1,500-words
Cite at least 5 sources from the required materials in the course.
Cite at least 2 credible, academic sources from your own research to explain your sustainability problem.
Use in-text parenthetical citations and include a reference list with at least 7 sources in APA style.