Task description attached and below is the criteria to follow: (Background infor

Task description attached and below is the criteria to follow:
(Background information on the role of the nutrient and the health condition) Very clear, concise yet thorough background information on the nutrient and the health condition.
(Presentation of the evidence for and against supplementation) Provides clear, in-depth yet concise description of studies both for and against the supplementation including dose and duration as evidence.
(Critique of the gathered evidence) Clear and thorough critique of the positive and negative literature. Sound, logical argument either supporting or not supporting the use of the nutrient supplementation in the target population based on the evidence and the critique.
(Evidence based recommendation) Final clear recommendation on if the nutrient is beneficial or not, supported by previously presented argument and evidence.
The dose and duration of supplementation is clearly outlined in the recommendation.
(Present the references in an accurate and consistent style)All facts are supported by highly relevant and appropriate references. In text citations and reference list is accurate and presented with a consistent style with no errors. Please use Vancouver style for referencing the articles in the written report. Almost all the references for your report should be coming from peer-reviewed scientific studies. You should not use websites as references.
(Effectively communicate scientific information)
Very clearly written report and is extremely fluent with all sections integrating seamlessly with each other.
Grammar and spelling are correct.
Adheres to word count and word count provided.