communicable disease

Apply the constructs of the Health Belief Model to a health behavior associated with a communicable disease (in at least 6 sentences).

NOTE: Provide at least one APA 6th Edition In-Text Citation and Reference.

discussion post

Discuss adolescent idealism, criticism, personal fable and imaginary audience. Give examples of each from your own adolescence. In addition, please discuss the emerging adulthood transition. What is/was your transition like? Can adolescent idealism, criticism, personal fable and imaginary audience cognitive distortions continue to affect people’s judgments and decision-making during the emerging adults period? Do the above cognitive distortions and immature behavior continue during early adulthood (20- 29 years)?

Referral List – Auburn University Montgomery

Assignment Directions:
  • Create a referral list of  services at the college or university where you completed your practicum.

  • The list should include a minimum of 20 services both on campus AND within the local area (e.g., local after-hours medical care, etc.) that can assist your department in meeting the needs of college students.
  • The list should include the 1) department/office name, 2) full contact information (i.e., phone, e-mail, website,  physical address, etc.), and 3) a brief description (1-3 sentences) of services for at least 20 resources.

  • Please use Times New Roman, 12 point font.

  • The list should be well-organized  and easy for students to locate information.

Policies and Social Problems

Why is it important for social workers to understand policy? When you think of policies, you may tend to think of the federal policies that support services such as Medicare and state policies that support education and welfare services. However, sometimes the policies that impact clients the most are the policies of agencies and organizations.

An “agency or organizational policy” is a policy. For example, it might be part of a county welfare agency that requires an administrator at a juvenile correction facility to report any individual who is an illegal immigrant that comes to that facility.

In this Discussion, you will identify an internal policy at an agency or organization with which you are familiar. It can be a public agency, a for-profit human services provider, or a nonprofit community agency. Then you will explore the relationships that exist between the policy, organization, and client or population.

To Prepare:

  • Read Chapter 2 of the Jansson text. 
  • Revisit Chapter 1 of the Jansson text as needed. 
    • Focus on pages 14–15 for an explanation of different types of policy.
  • Search for and select one social work agency or organization. This can be an agency or organization you currently work for or have worked for in the past or one that you find by searching online. You will use this agency or organization as an example in your Discussion. 
  • Review the mission of the agency or organization and the population they serve. 
    • You can find examples of populations effected by social problems on page 9 of the Jansson text.
  • Identify a policy within the agency or organization and consider how it relates to the mission and population they serve. 

By Day 3

Post the name and mission of the social work agency or organization you selected. Then address the following: 

  • Explain why you selected the agency or organization. 
  • Describe the related policy and the problem it addresses. 
  • Explain how the policy supports the mission and impacts (positively or adversely) the clients of the organization.

Case Study: Practice Fusion

Case Study Instructions:
1. Read Article Practice Fusion
2. Write APA format and Answer all Individual Assignment questions thoroughly and following the rubric.
3. Find 3 creditable outside source to support your answers to the individual assignment questions


Thiscase examines the rapid growth of EHR systems in the United States from 2009 to2014. The case discusses the challenges associated with adopting an EHR system(also referred to as an electronic medicalrecord [EMR] system)from the standpoint of healthcare providers, both large and small. It also examines the benefits of EHRsystems for health care providers,patients, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and our society. Inaddition, the case explores how Practice Fusion can best grow its revenue considering slowing EHR adoptionamong physicians.

Case Study Objectives

1.      To understand the benefits of electronic healthrecords for a variety of key stakeholders.

2.       To understand how government incentives, especially the 2009 Health Information Technology for Economicand Clinical Health(HITECH) Act, impactedthe adoption of EHR systemsamong U.S.-based providers.

3.       To learnwhy the interoperability of EHR systemsis so limited.

4.      To determine how Practice Fusion can continueto grow its revenue in the face of slowedEHR adoption.

Materials Required

      Practice Fusion

Supplemental Readings

       George Palma,Electronic Health Records:The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Beckers HealthIT and CIO Review, September 17, 2015, https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/healthcare-information-technology/electronic- health-records-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly.html

       FredOConnor, Health IT Early Adopters Examining Big Data, Network World, 14-15,Retrieved from https://csu- eastbay.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/permalink/01CALS_UHL/on8gvj/cdi_proquest_reports_1349229165

       MelindaBeck, AMA Urges Overhaul of Electronic Medical Records, Wall Street Journal,September 16, 2014, https://www.wsj.com/articles/ama-urges-overhaul-of-electronic-records-1410840063

       BernardMarr, How Big Data is Changing Healthcare, Forbes, April 21, 2015, https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2015/04/21/how-big-data-is-changing- healthcare/?sh=6b0a67492873

Individual Assignment:

1.       What are the main functions and uses of an electronic health record (EHR) system and the data capture by the system?What value can the system and data add in

a.       an individual practice,

b.      a large practicegroup,

c.      a hospital, and

d.      an integrated healthplan such as Kaiser Permanente or the VeteransAdministration?

2.      How did the incentives for the adoptionof EHR systems vary by the following buyer types:

a.      individual physicians;

b.      large physician practicegroups;

c.      private hospitals;

d.      major academic hospitals (e.g., Stanford Hospital); and

e.      integrated health care systems such as Kaiser Permanente or the VeteransAdministration?

3.       As of 2014, why was the interoperability of EHR systemsso limited? Who would benefitfrom increased interoperability, and who would suffer?

4.       When launching Practice Fusions firstproduct in 2007, should Howardhave focused on selling to:

a.      large physician groups and managedcare organizations containing hundreds of physicians; OR

b.      individual and small physician practices?

5.       Howcan Practice Fusion best monetize its data business? What are three to fivehigh value potential uses you can envisionfor Practice Fusions data?

6.       Nearthe end of 2014, as Practice Fusions adoption among physicians slowed, so didits main revenue sources. Howshould Practice Fusion continue its rapid growth? From a strategic standpoint,should Practice Fusion acquireRingadoc? Why or why not? Are there other strategic moves or growth initiativesyou would recommend beyond what PracticeFusion was already considering?

cj3307 wk 8 discussion

Which of the fear reduction strategies (street lighting, property identification projects, crime prevention through environmental design, or foot patrols) do you believe holds the most promise and why?

I have attached some of my classmate discussion examples.

Thank you 


Case Study 2 – 15%

Review your notes, the chapters, read the article and answer these questions:

  1. What are some of the ways in which clients see value?
  2. What is the difference between absolute and perceived value?
  3. What is the difference between Intrinsic and Associated value?
  4. What are some ways to enhance customer perception of value?

  • Please put your .doc .docx or .txt document (PDF -5%) into the Turnitin box below
  • Students must sign the “Learning Contract” in week 1 to receive marks
  • Only assignments uploaded to Turnitin will be marked

You must write your own answers – All papers will be screened for plagiarism. PLEASE PUT YOUR DOCXX  IN pdF


  • You must write the assignment using your own words and using your own original thinking or analysis.
  • If you use any secondary sources (work published by an author on websites, or in books, journals or magazines) they should be there to support your own original words and thoughts, not to replace them  
  • If you use secondary sources you must use the 3-step process of citation:


1) put quotation marks (  ) around the text that is from another source


2) put in-text references in brackets following the citation and using the APA citation style


3) put a Reference List at the end of your assignment giving a detailed and alphabetized description of your secondary sources listed according to APA style requirements

E Commerce Benefits

For this discussion:

  • Choose a company that is small to medium sized, is not publicly traded, and does not have an e-commerce presence.
  • Explain the company’s products and/or the services they provide.
  • Suggest two beneficial processes (or changes) to the company’s operations that will motivate them to integrate e-commerce. Make sure the benefits you selected maps to the benefits mentioned in the readings and outline and in the accounting context.

Luka Magnotta

Review Case Study 14.1 — Luka Magnotta: Sexualized Crime and the Role of the Internet in your textbook. Then, answer the following:
  • How has the media affected the public’s perception of sexual offences—from high-profile sex cases (such as Magnotta’s) to the more common forms of sexual offences (such as sex assault and inappropriate touching)?
  • How realistic is it to expect authorities to be able to track down and prosecute a significant percentage of Internet-facilitated sexual offences?

Your post should be 2 paragraphs long. Support your postings with specific references to the textbook and any additional sources you identify using both in-text citations and references. Include proper APA format and citations.

Health Information

Types of HIE organization (i.e., Compare/contrast between different HIE organizations)

Write a paper to:

Discuss health information exchange.

Explain why the HIE topic you selected is important. Discuss your topic in detail.

Appraise the role of HI/HIM professionals in advocating for information exchange through HIE.

Provide a detailed comparison for your topic.(see note above about comparison to be done based on your selected topic)

Paper should be 4-6 pages in length.

Paper should follow APA guidelines, and include at least three academic references.

Create an agenda (include this as Appendix A in your paper):

Choose a meeting purpose, time, location.

Discuss four goals and objectives for the meeting.

Choose an agenda topic, team member assigned to lead the discussion, and an allotted time.

Choose two agenda items about the HIE topic you selected.