There has been recent debate about immigration reform in the U.S. and whether na

There has been recent debate about immigration reform in the U.S. and whether national legislation needs to be addressed about health care for immigrants. Immigration law is very complex, and there are many steps on the road to U.S. citizenship. Legal distinctions are made among different types of immigrants, including naturalized citizens, noncitizens, and undocumented immigrants. Evidence shows that noncitizens and undocumented immigrants are more likely to lack health insurance than citizens. Only about 40% of noncitizens have private coverage. This leaves the other 60% of noncitizen immigrants without options for health care coverage (except emergency care) and may preclude regular access to physicians and other health professionals. In addition, noncitizens and undocumented immigrants tend to have poorer access and receive less care than citizens, even when they have health insurance. The aim of this paper is to redefine citizenship for immigrants to avoid unjust political exclusions from political agency. By redefining the limits of citizenship, we can understand healthcare is not a political right but a basic human right. Rather, healthcare is not exclusive only to citizenship. Thus, Healthcare is an inalienable right to which all humans, regardless of citizenship are entitled in principal.

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1.Briefly explain your selected topic, issue, or concern and why you feel it is important.
2.Search online for Missouri organizations which represent or advocate for/against this topic, issue, or concern and summarize what you learn. If appropriate, speak with people at the organizations and/or request information. You may also include links to resources you find valuable.
3. Search online to see if you can determine what civic action has already been taken in Missouri related to your topic/issue/concern and decide what action you feel might yet need to be taken. Summarize your findings and include any links used.
4.Using your own initiative, search Missouri state government sites for departments relevant to your topic/issue/concern. Speak with at least one state government official about your topic/issue/ concern and indicate what you discussed/learned and the person’s name, office, and office phone You do not have to be advocating for change, you may also merely inquire about information, law, or regulation related to your topic/issue/concern.
5.Visit the Missouri Constitution
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. Does the Missouri state constitution already address your topic/issue/concern? If so, cite all or part of the relevant If not, discuss whether you feel the lack of any coverage is significant and why. If you find wording in the state Constitution about your topic/issue/concern, summarize what you find, quoting the section or citing in parenthesis as appropriate.