FORMAT: The coverage is submitted in the proper format with all the areas filled

FORMAT: The coverage is submitted in the proper format with all the areas filled out correctly. Don’t forget the “Recommendation” grid at the end!
LOGLINE: A one to three-sentence summary of the script written in a way to grab the reader’s attention.
BREAKDOWN: All the characters in the script need to be on the breakdown in the order of the size of the role. Leads, Supporting, Sm Supporting. Each character must be assigned gender and age. The description of the character must match the script exactly.
SYNOPSIS: The synopsis is a summary of the script. It must be sufficient and yet concise enough that the reader can “fake” having read the script but still save time from reading the script. All major and material story points are addressed. “Just the facts ma’am.”
COMMENTS: The comments section must show a thoughtful analysis of the script. The writer must articulate sound statements based on the material read and took a position. Some (all are not required) questions worth pondering include the following: Was it well written? Who is the audience? What is the budget? How difficult would this film be to market/sell? How expensive would a marketing campaign be? Is it an easy or hard sell? What venue (streaming, theater, etc) do you think would be good for this film? What actors or directors do you think could handle this material?
Basically any thought you have on the creative or business aspects of reading this script.
Attached in files are the Script, Script Coverage Template, and an example of a Script Coverage provided by the teacher.