Your assignment will be to develop a group aimed at treating a disorder or popul

Your assignment will be to develop a group aimed at treating a disorder or population of your choice. Assume you are employed at a local non-profit agency and are writing the proposal to your supervisor. The proposal should address many of the topics and concepts we have discussed throughout the term.
Think of a group that you would eventually like to organize. Once you have decided on
a particular type of group (for example, a group for parents who want to learn better
child-rearing skills, or a group for women having just gone through a divorce), consider
the following questions in drafting your proposal:
Group Description
• What type of group will you create? Will it be a counseling group? A therapy
group? Personal-growth group? Will it be long-term or short-term?
• How will this group be structured? Open or closed? How many sessions? How
frequently will group sessions be held?
• Whom is the group for? Is it a specialty group? In what setting will this group take
place? (i.e.; Is it for outpatients in a community mental health center? for
substance abusers in a residential setting? For parents who are having major
problems in relating to their children? For couples who hope to learn better
communication skills?)
• What led you to choose this particular type of group for your proposal (what is
your interest in the topic?)
• What are your goals for this group; that is, what will members gain from
participating in the group? What are the short-term goals? Long-term goals? Are
the goals and objectives specific?
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• How will these goals be accomplished in a group setting? How will the longrange goals be evaluated during the course of the group and once it comes to an
• What do you expect your members to get from each stage of your group?
• Why is there a need for such a group? In what ways would a group provide
definite advantages over individual counseling?
• Who will lead your group? What types of leadership skills will they have?
• Will the leader follow a specific theory?
• Will there be co-leaders for the group?
Group Dynamics
• What factors do you expect to influence the group dynamics?
• What exercises will you plan to incorporate into the group? What exercises do
you plan to use in each stage of the group?
• What strategies will you use to hold and maintain focus?
• What skills will you incorporate to address problematic group dynamics?
• Minimum 5 pages, maximum 7 pages excluding the cover page.
• 3 resources (at least two scholarly sources, such as scholarly or peerreviewed journals, and the textbook).
• APA style (no abstract necessary).
• Clear and professional college-level writing.

At least 3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles At least 3 multimedia sources from

At least 3 peer-reviewed scholarly articles
At least 3 multimedia sources from the internet from reputable sources (properly credited and referenced)
Use of at least 3 Bloom’s Taxonomy skills included, and at least 2 use HOTS. Graduate level writing style (i.e., formal tone, proper grammar, sentence structure, paragraph style and length, and current APA writing format) Current APA format (i.e., citations, references, headings, person tense, writing style, etc.)