please develop a professional resume according to the job descriiption of the jo

please develop a professional resume according to the job descriiption of the job im applying to i will upload the job descriiption and my current resume developed through linkedin also with some information on my background and skills, Also include that i am the reciever of Diplomacy Award through the GCLAUMUN program 2010. and i completed a negotiations training with UNITAR with Mr. Marwan Mery the trainer. and that i know Arabic English professional, French medium level and Spanish and Italian as a beginner. if you need further information you can contact me. You should stress on my analytical skills and communication skills and project management.

The task is to write a Policy Paper for an actor within Global Governance, outli

The task is to write a Policy Paper for an actor within Global Governance, outlining the potential options they may take in dealing with a particular issue or seeking to solve a particular problem in the world. Your task is to speak about UN Security Council.
There is a list of examples below but, again, this is only some ideas and there are many more that you may choose to include:
– Potential conflict between states
– Human rights abuses within states e.g. protection of marginalized or mistreated group(s)
– Trade dispute and potential trade war
– Civilian support/protection following an economic collapse within a given country
– Coordinated response to deal with a potential or active pandemic
– Efforts to deal with climate change in countries that the world relies upon as ‘carbon sinks’
– Challenges to forms of extremist ideology emerging in certain places

Research Exercise (portfolio) CW1: RESEARCH EXERCISE (1100 words) (40% of module

Research Exercise (portfolio) CW1: RESEARCH EXERCISE (1100 words) (40% of module assessment)
The Research Exercise (1100 words) is intended to help you develop some key skills and knowledge that you will need when writing your essay (1500 words).
Deadline for the complete Research Exercise (all THREE entries): 28 November 2021.. The THREE entries MUST be submitted in ONE Word file. Your THREE required entries in your learning journal must meet the requirements below:
Entry 1: [Word length: 400] Visit the Imperial War Museum (IWM)It is a brilliant museum. The exhibits, descriiptions, art and film clips are intended to make visitors question the nature of war and warfare, not to glorify it. Write a review of the visit (see guidance below)
ENTRY 1 : The visit review should include:
A 200-words reflection on on one of the exhibits (choose from one of the displays) I will attach THE CHOSEN display as 1 image- the one of the knives display. – for more reference to write the reflection please visit the IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM WEBSITE and look at the exhibit/display I chose in more detail: what is its main theme? What questions or issues does the exhibit raise or bring attention to?
Include two photos ( I will attach the chosen images of gas shells) of exhibits and an explanation in 200 words why you chose those particularly images and what they tell us about Global Society and Politics.
ENTRY 2: [Word length: 300] Choose an essay question from the list below. Having chosen your question, underline key terms and define them. Write the title and key definitions in this your second learning journal post. Also identify and note in your entry what the question requires you to do; for example describe, examine, analyse, discuss, or evaluate? CHOSEN ESSAY QUESTION FOR ENTRY ABOVE : Can climate change be prevented and, if so, how?
Guidance on how to begin your literature search: Find and add at least FIVE appropriate sources, including at least 1 academic book, 2 academic journal articles, 1 report, 1 website.
Try this method to identify useful sources: Find relevant chapter(s) in textbooks (e.g. Edkins & Zehfuss 2019; Heywood 2011/2014; Baylis et al 2017; Brown 2016) Which key sources have these authors used? Who are the authors of those sources? Have they written other texts on the same topic? Do they refer to other useful sources?
Next, use GOOGLE SCHOLAR to find academic articles and books. Such sources are peer reviewed. Why do you think we prefer them over Wikipedia or social media sources? Remember to accurately reference the sources using Harvard referencing.
ENTRY 3: [Word length in total at least: 400 words in total] Submit two reviews of at least 200 words each. Why are the two sources particularly relevant and useful? You may choose texts (academic journal articles or books) that you have read on the module, such as ‘Give War a Chance’.
MORE DETAILS FOR ENTRY 2: submit a brief essay outline for THE CHOSEN ESSAY QUESTION: Can climate change be prevented and, if so, how? The essay outline should include: -Question/title. -Theoretical/conceptual framework [think key concepts of relevance to your topic/question; you only need to refer concepts covered in the weekly readings on the Reading List. -An indication of the main argument in the essay and how you intend to develop it.
-A preliminary bibliography of at least 5-7 sources (see below for details), including the two sources reviewed in this portfolio entry. PLEASE make sure YOU INCLUDE THE BIBLIOGRAPHY of 5-7 sources at the end of the research excercise using HARVARD referencing style.
Deadline for Research Excercise portfolio: 28 November, 2021.
• The extent to which the specific remit of the set task has been met;
• Your research into appropriate sources, in the form of an appropriate bibliography with at least 2 academic books, 3 articles, 1 report, 1 website, but more sources are desirable;
• Your selection and evaluation of relevant material; [submit review notes for 5 of the sources]
• The appropriateness and detail of your proposed essay outline; • Level of appropriate academic practice in recording and citation of research.